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Anyone else have an injury keeping them from their workouts? What are you doing to stay active? (We’d love some suggestions!) | Fit Girl Redefined -

Anyone else have an injury keeping them from their workouts? What are you doing to stay active? (We’d love some suggestions!) | Fit Girl Redefined -

Happy 4th of July! Wishing everyone a fun and safe holiday! | Fit Girl Redefined -

Happy 4th of July! Wishing everyone a fun and safe holiday! | Fit Girl Redefined -

4th of July is ALMOST here! What’s the plan? Beat the heat or get out and active?
Happy 4th of July - Fit Girl Redefined
So dorky, but it gave us a good smile! | Fit Girl Redefined |

So dorky, but it gave us a good smile! | Fit Girl Redefined |

Biking fun with the baby in tow (literally). Anyone else pull their kids in these? (They’re HEAVY!)

I’ve always talked (amongst my friends and family) about diets and how they don’t work. I had managed to lose 75 pounds on my own, without an “official” diet and I believed that I could and would always “go it alone.” For me, I cut out the junk food (no more pizza, fried foods, etc.) and started working out like a maniac. Over a few years, I lost the weight and turned myself into a pretty decent athlete. That has all changed since having a baby in October. Besides not having the time to go on marathon workouts like I used to (all-day biking on weekends and lunchtime rides almost every day), I had about 15 or so pounds of baby weight that needed a one-way ticket off my body. After using my old method for 2 solid months and struggling to lose and gain the same 5 pounds over and over, I broke down and asked a friend for her key to success. She had been following the Fast Metabolism Diet (by Haylie Pomroy) and has been whittling herself down since this winter. The motivation? My 40th birthday is in July and besides being 40 with a 9month old baby, I really wanted and needed to be in better shape. Plus, I want to hit the beach/pool/dance party with my friends while feeling good about myself.

The diet at first is a little tricky to get used to. There are different phases where the foods are very different. (Two days of fruits and grains, two days of all protein and 3 days of natural fat foods.) There’s no alcohol (which means no cold beers after a hot day), no wheat or wheat products, no corn and no refined/processed sugars. This has definitely opened my eyes to what’s in foods and what’s included in the foods I’ve been eating. For example, I didn’t give any thought to the added sugar to mustard or hot sauce.

The beauty of this diet (besides losing weight) is that it’s made me appreciate simple things like how tasty a poached egg is or how flavorful home-cooked food can be even without adding sauces and loads of condiments. I’ve been thinking about this new way of eating a lot lately. In fact, with all of the food preparation, it’s consumed a large chunk of my time. However, instead of being frustrated, I’ve been thinking about how we, as Americans are so used to opening a box or bag of food and not thinking twice about what’s in it. Fresh food takes a little time to prepare. Really, if I planned better, I could be much quicker. There is another down side – eating healthy is more expensive. The big food corporations have made it so cheap to buy their processed garbage, that it’s hard to get off the cheap-food band wagon. I’ve been thinking of my (almost) daily trips to the market as an investment in my future. Healthy food costs more and it probably should, it’s locally grown and good for you, so I think it’s worth it. I also planted a vegetable garden to help offset some of my produce costs.

So here’s my good news. I’m beginning my forth week and have lost 10.5 pounds. I’ve been strict and haven’t cheated once (knowing that I have to put a swimsuit on in a few weeks is my major motivation). But really, I wouldn’t call this a “diet” – it’s really just eating healthy. Eventually (when I’m satisfied that this baby weight is gone), I’ll go into the maintenance phase where it’s basically more healthy eating. I don’t plan on being so strict in the future, in fact, I’m looking forward to that glass of wine or beer but for now, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results and I definitely have to say that I’ve been eating my words, especially when it comes to the word diet. Sometimes, we need more structure in order to get the results we want (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

Has anyone else had success with this way of eating? Or maybe more important, has anyone else struggled after having kids/babies to find a workout balance?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Just saw your 3,500 calories post. Does weight loss really work that way? If so, if a person were to eat like that indefinitely, wouldn't they eventually disappear? It doesn't make sense to me.
fitgirlredefined fitgirlredefined Said:

Hi there. Thanks for the email. The meaning behind our post is that in order to lose weight, one should burn off more than they consume. There are many contributing factors to how much weight would be lost and the kind of weight (muscle vs. fat), etc. 

We found this post, which is interesting and goes into more depth… 

**We also want to say that, we’re not dietitians nor are we experts. This is our opinion and based on our own weight loss and fitness results. Jennifer, the founder of Fit Girl lost 75 pounds with lots (and lots) of exercise and a healthy diet.

We CAN do this! | Fit Girl Redefined -